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MisterDad posted this 14 June 2016

I am new to both of the above projects and I am looking for advice.

My G/children both have Perduino's and I have a Raspberry Pi. I am wondering if they can be linked together in some way, so maybe I can download example code onto the Pi, for use on the Petduino.

I am very much a newbie to all of this so don't have any experience (yet) of writing code, or even how the Petduino can be used.

Any guidance would be much appreciated

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Circuitbeard posted this 26 August 2016

Hey MisterDad,

Sorry for the delay, but yes, you can talk to your Petduino's from the Raspberry PI. To do it, you'll want to use our Petduino + Petduino Serial library found here along with our Py-Petduino library on the Raspberry Pi found here 

The Py-Petduino repository contains some example projects, inclusing Arduino sketches for you to get up and running, so hopefully they will make a nice starting point for you.

You may also find it useful to read through our Internet Connected Petduino blog post series as that also uses the Py-Petduino library to communicate with the Petduino

Hope this helps