Matrix Designer - how to display Hex String?

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leekelleher posted this 13 November 2015

With the Matrix Designer, (which is fantastic by the way), I notice there is a Hex String output.

How would I display that on the Petduino?

I'm assuming that it would need to be converted back to a byte array?

Do you have any examples?

Thanks, Lee

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Circuitbeard posted this 16 November 2015

Hey Lee,

Take a look at the IconSerial.ino example in the PyPetduino library on guthub here The purpose of the HEX string stuff was mainly to minimise the amount of data that needs to be sent in when using the serial based interface, hence why it's an example within the PyPetduino library.

I should really get round to centralising this stuff at some point, but really it's still a bit WIP.

Hope this helps though.


leekelleher posted this 19 November 2015

Thanks Matt!

I didn't know much about the sscanf method - very good! :-)