LED matrix. One row not working

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will_brett posted this 22 October 2015

Hey there, 

Bought this kit and put together last night. Great instructions. Everything is working apart from one row of LED's. I can't see anything particularly wrong with any of my solder points. Any way I can test if the LED matrix is damaged? 



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will_brett posted this 25 October 2015

So it was an issue with my soldering after all. I had missed one bit. It's all working perfectly now

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Circuitbeard posted this 26 October 2015

Hey Will,

Glad to hear you got it solved. That would have been my first suggestion to double check all your solder joints, so nice work on thinking the problem through and finding the solution on your own.


PS Sorry for the delay in reply, this forum is meant to notify me of any posts but for some reason, it didn't. I'll look into this, but will be sure to keep a closer eye on the forums in the mean time. #teathingproblems

Circuitbeard posted this 26 October 2015

You'll be glad to know I'm now subscribed to all forums so shouldn't miss any more posts, appologies again for missing your posts though.

will_brett posted this 11 November 2015

No worries :)