Introduce Yourself!

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Circuitbeard posted this 15 August 2015 - Last edited 15 August 2015

It's always nice to start with a friendly hello so why not introduce yourself to the community. Let us know who you are, why you love electronics, and how you made your way to the Circuitbeard family! :-)

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GhostMuppet posted this 20 August 2015


My name is Richard and this is the first time i have built something like this. I do some model kit building, and i believe this is a step further. 

I got my kit last week, but onlt received the soldering kit this morning - so this weekend i will play.

I made my way to Circuit Beard via Umbraco. 

Circuitbeard posted this 24 August 2015

Hey Rich,

Welcome to the community. I saw your pics online and it looks like you did an awesome job so congrats.

Look forward to seeing what else you do with your little petduino :)