building materials? official certification of teaching?

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keikkun4 posted this 29 September 2015 - Last edited 29 September 2015

Hello! would like to know more about the petduino, I find the list of materials most of all on that which led matrix used as I see it has a shield. Or maybe I could say if once completed will have for international sales? since I am from El Salvador and would love to implement in my workshops petduino Will official certification of teaching? Will have material in Spanish? I also offer as a volunteer I can translate the material if I may?

Circuitbeard posted this 26 October 2015

Hi there,

The Petduino is sold in kit form so it comes complete with everything you'd need. We also ship internationally so you we can ship pretty much anywhere.

We haven't put any workshops / certification courses together yet as it's still pretty early days, but it is on our radar of things to do so do stay tuned.

Hope this helps