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  • Last Post 24 August 2015
GhostMuppet posted this 22 August 2015

I have just finished my build and have an enormous sense of achievement. I have never done anything like this before, and was very concerned with the soldering (mainly, if i would cause an error that would be hard to find).

The instructions were easy to follow, and i never once felt confused with them. The hardest parts for me were trying the get 'legs' into the sockets (mainly the Matrix). I just took my time and took it steady and it all worked out.

Had a small issue with uploading to the device. This was my ignorance and i was using the wrong Com port.

Now i need to look at what i can get the little guy to do.


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Circuitbeard posted this 24 August 2015

Hey Richard,

Congratulations on your build, it looks awesome. There are for sure a couple of tricky moments, but nothing a little patients and persistance won't get you through. I think that this is one of the plus points of the kit in my eyes, that it has a variety of challenges that you often face when building kits and soldering so puts you in good sted for future builds :)

Really glad you found the instructions easy to follow though and ultimately got it all up and running. 

Now the real fun can begin :) Can't wait to see what you do with the little fella.